A Blue Day: Part 2

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… *Phone Rings* “Hello?” It is that familiar sweet voice of that girl. Yes it was Emily. I kept talking to her like nothing happened. It was one weird talk though. She showed no expression, she was like a zombie who eats your brain. Well, you don’t say it to the girl you love. We talked about weather, our interest and hobbies. (Yes, weather! Who talks to a girl about weather. But it happens when you want to keep the conversation alive because that girl wouldn’t talk) So after talking to her for sometime, we hanged up.

A few minutes passed and suddenly a message popped up. It was my old friend, Jane. We exchanged a few words and then she said “Where the fuck you have been? It’s been so long”. It was true, we haven’t talked for almost a year. We had a history, She had a thing for me. I’m not sure about myself but I think I had a thing too for her. We talked and she told me about her stalker I pretended like I was worried (Most of the people do this to show their sympathy) She told me about some more personal stuff. We did not sleep that whole night, We kept talking till morning. And in those 6 hours I felt that she still likes me. So she said “Let’s meet today”. I tried to say no indirectly but she would not listen, so we agreed to meet at Monet’s! I was very scared to face Paula again but I thought she’ll be fine with it, I told her the truth after all.

I got ready for work and left! Phone rang again “Hey, You want me to get something for you? I am thinking chocolates, are you still allergic to them?” “Huh?” this is all I could say that time. Jane talks a lot, she won’t give you a second to say anything. “If you don’t like chocolates then it’s fine, I’m gonna eat all of that”. This girl is so crazy, and I cursed myself again and again for inviting her to Monet’s. Facing angry Paula is the last thing I’d do, but it was decided. And I didn’t want Jane and Emily to meet so I asked Jane to come an hour earlier (Emily used to take a bus everyday from that stop).

I finished my work and took a drive to Monet’s. I saw Paula, she didn’t look very happy that day. I was saying myself “Lady, I don’t wanna hurt you but worse is yet to come.” She came there with an Espresso but she avoided an eye contact with me. Now I was pretty sure I had made a mistake asking Jane to come over to Monet’s. I tried to call her to cancel this Meeting-date thing but she showed up 15 minutes earlier. Ah god, She looked so fucking amazing! I still don’t understand why I got along with 3 girls at a time. Anyway, Before I could say anything she hugged me like crazy and I could see a transformation of expression on Paula’s face. What could I do, it was all my fault so I tried to make the environment more friendly. We sat there and Jane kept talking even if I was not listening. Now I had another thing to worry about, it was Emily! It was her time to get here. Jane was talking about her Ex-Boyfriend and I could see the tears in her eyes(He ditched her for some reason which I don’t remember because I wasn’t paying attention). So just to make her feel better, I put my hand on her hand. It took her sometime but she felt better. She leaned towards me, I knew what was coming. I rolled my eyes to see if Paula was looking at us, and fuck my life! She was angry. It was such a bizarre situation. I hasted and said ” Do you want an Espresso? They make it good” “Didn’t we just drink one?” She gave me a suspicious look. I wanted to get rid of her, I knew Emily could show up anytime now and Paula is already devastated. “Oh yeah, I forgot! Hey I’m getting late today because I have a client meeting today. I’m sorry for running away in the middle of our conversation” “Yeah it is fine! We can meet sometime again” She said. “So let me drop you off to your car for now, and You have my word! We’ll meet soon again”.

I took my jacket and went outside to say her goodbye! She hugged me again, got inside her car and left. I went back inside to Monet’s to pay the bill. “What was that?” Paula asked me gently but I could not see any bit of smile on her face. “She is just an old friend, and…… yeah! nothing else” I took out my wallet but she said “It’s on the house, thanks for coming” “Thank you, and I am sorry about yesterday!” “yeah, I understand. It’s totally fine” But I knew nothing was fine, it was a volcano about to blast.

When I stepped out, I saw this cute face again! “Ah fuck, I am so lucky! This girl drives me crazy”  I said it to myself, Emily smiled. “Can we sit for sometime?” She asked. What could I say now, this is what I wanted, spending time with this girl. “Let’s grab a coffee” She smiled. “Fuck my luck! I am so unlucky” and some more thoughts like this flipped inside my head. I had no choice, so we walked inside Monet’s. I could see the words written on Paula’s face “fuck you!” Anyways, we sat, She was quite, I was the one who did the talking. All she said was “okay” “mhm” “yeah” and a few words. After having this weird conversation, she left. I walked towards the counter and asked if it was on the house too? “No, 70 for the last order, 30 for this one and another 100 for being an asshole” “Oh 200 it is, okay! thanks” this is all I could say. I payed for the bill and left.

While driving I got this text from Emily “Thanks for the coffee <3” “Do I have to be happy? or sad? It’s hard to choose”

PS: This is part 2, share your thoughts! Part 3, tomorrow.

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