A blue day: Part 1

It was a great day, sky was blue, clouds were blue. I walked to Monet’s and ordered my usual coffee. The girl who works at Monet’s is very kind, she has a beautiful smile. I don’t know why I like Monet’s this much. Is it because of this good double blended espresso or this girl smiles a lot or I like watching this another girl passing by everyday. I started a business a few months back, so I come to Monet’s everyday to drink a fine double blended espresso. This is my routine.

“Hey, Here is your coffee!” She smiled, I smiled back. She is so cheerful.

“Hi, I come here everyday but never caught your name” I tried to make a conversation nervously.

“I’m Paula, What’s your name?” We exchanged a few words and after drinking that perfect coffee, I left. And it was such a beautiful day, I saw that “another girl” again. She was waiting for a bus, I thought “fuck that, I’m taking a bus. I don’t care where it takes me”. So I stood next to her, started playing a stupid game in my phone. I was trying to pretend that I didn’t notice you. She looked at me, then looked at her watch and tied her hair. I knew that she had noticed me looking at her many times. Then a bus came, she stepped into it, I followed her. I sat next to her and started playing that stupid game again. After sometime she looked at me with a weird look “I know you have been noticing me for a while, I know you have your car keys in your pocket, so why don’t you just start making a conversation”. It was a bizarre situation. I was scared and I told myself “She got you asshole, just say something, this situation is getting weird”

After a pause of One minute I said “Hi”. My face was getting blue and she suddenly started laughing loudly. I did not know what did I do or what was so funny. Then she said “Here, this is my number! I’m Emily and tell me your name on the phone. I have to go now, this is my stop” and after giving me her contact card, she left. I was speechless and realized “I can’t find someone better than her and I can do anything just to get to her”. I went home after finishing my work that day, took a shower and called her. We talked for like an hour and we decided to meet at Monet’s. After all, this is where it all started.

Next day I went to Monet’s and now It was clear why I liked Monet’s this much. Paula came over with an espresso. She was smiling more than usual. “Hey, do you wanna hang out sometime?” She asked me with a gentle voice, but I was lost in someone else’s thoughts. I felt she was in love with me, but I felt I had been playing with her feelings, nothing else. So I spoke the truth “Hey, I’m sorry but I am waiting for someone else, and I am sorry that I made you feel this way”. Her face turned red, that smile was gone. I never saw her sad. It was like she never felt bad, it was me who made her sad for the first time. I was cursing myself and after sometime I felt happy that I told her the truth. 5 Minutes passed and Emily showed up. She was wearing blue!! “Blue, ah, it suits her!! I have never seen such a beautiful thing like this! She is just so perfect”

After like 10 minutes this boy came here to get the order “Sir, what can I get you?” I realized Paula had left. I imagined how hard it was to see me and Emily together. I did not tell Emily about anything. It was our first date after all. After talking to her for sometime it was clear that she was not like the way she looked. She was sad, angry and pretty. She didn’t talk much. I was trying so hard to keep the conversation alive. So just to keep her talking to me, I started acting stupid like “I am a wild beast, I live in a jungle” She laughed and again! She was sad. I couldn’t do much that day but We agreed to be in touch and she left. I was thinking “What is the reason? What bothers her this much? She must have a hard Past. But no matter what, this girl is just so good that I will do everything to make her happy.”

I drank another espresso and left!While driving I was thinking “What is Paula up to right now? I hurt her but I hope she is okay now”.

PS: Hi, this is the PART-1 of the story, I will update the second part tomorrow. And I am sorry, I couldn’t write yesterday because I had some work to do. I was working on a Psychological post but this story fascinated me, so I am gonna write this for a while. Please like if you liked this post and comment to share your valuable opinion.

Thank you for staying till the end! Have a good day! 🙂


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