US: Gun Control! Yes or NO?

45 days, 18 Mass shootings! Strange but true.! More people in US die by guns than any other country in the world.

This is the actual image of United States of America.


People are getting more violent than ever, Mostly school kids. Why?

Anybody tried to ask this question to themselves? Everybody is discussing about the gun control instead of talking about the root of the problem. Why we need a law to control the guns? There are several questions that need to be answered. I am nobody to declare  that this should be banned or that should be banned. I am gonna put both sides of the problems on the table, it is you who get to decide what is right and what is wrong.


So first let’s talk about “Why or why not gun control?”

Why not: Generally, all Americans never put their nose in someone else’s business. They respect other people’s privacy. In addition to that, they do not want any other to disturb their privacy either. So most of them are scared of the things like “What if someone trespasses in our house and tries to take something from us?” It is a common human behavior just like any other person on this planet. So it’s not wrong that they keep their gun under the belt. It is called self defense and precaution

Why: According to some former laws and a news report, about 40 per cent Americans either own a gun themselves or live in a household with guns. Another 48 per cent said in the same survey that they grew up in a household with guns. At least two-thirds of American adults have lived in a household with a gun at some point in their lives. And, an astonishing 70 per cent Americans admitted to have fired a gun at some point in their lives. It is estimated that the US civilians own 48 per cent of total guns privately owned in the world. According to the National Institute of Justice (under US department of justice) report of 2009, there are 650 million guns owned by civilians across the globe. There is no other credible assessment about the number of guns. But some US states have restricted purchase of guns by banning military-style assault rifles after 2004. However, FBI data of 2016 shows that about 70 per cent of killings were caused by handguns, which attract no restriction. And there’s another fact that is very very terrible ” There were more then 12000 people who died in mass shooting last year in United states of America”


Isn’t it creepy? How people react these days is just so weird, Some of them put their point to prove that “Fuck no! We have our rights, we need to have a gun in order to survive in America” and some of them are just so against this law that they put their line on stake for this bill to pass in american congress. Well I am no one to declare anything but in my opinion it should be stopped. What do you think? let me know in the comments.

So next question is Why is there a need of Gun Control?

There were mostly teens and kids who got mad and killed their fallow classmates and teachers. Most of them were facing family problems!! is it because of bad parenting? well this is also a reason. Divorce percentage in america is 50% and it is growing further. The parents who get divorced do not understand how bad it hurts their children, they just do it because they “Think” this relationship is not working out. Such a good reason, isn’t it? Maybe this is true but a simple and healthy conversation on a table can solve every problem. Yes, this is true! it can solve everything, but people are just too egoistic who do think it will make it worse. Anyway, this is not the topic of discussion today but it is a bitter truth.

Another thing is bullying! Well most of the skinny kids are bullied in any manner from a young age in school. Looks like the kids who do bullying are a product of bad parenting and bad surrounding. They are just so concerned about their so called cool reputation that if they do not do the bullying, their fallow classmates are going to think that they are week. So they go in a group and target the innocent kids who have nothing do with them.


These are some reasons why kids are forced to go in the direction which causes nothing but destruction.

Here is some data on the number of guns per capita

Source Wikipedia

What’s your take on gun control? Write down your thoughts in comments.

One more thing: Last but not the least, If you think none of these points is working, talk to me! I can help, it’s free and easy. I can help you to be better. Don’t worry about your privacy, just assume that you got some friend to talk to. I’m not saying that I’m the best, but I’m surely better than a lot of people. I do it for a good cause(I don’t have evil intentions lol) I know how is it like to be depressed. So Just stay calm and relaxed, I’m your friend!! And if you feel satisfied and you wanna donate something(Only if you want) Click on this Link It will be much appreciated as I make no money from these posts.

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10 thoughts on “US: Gun Control! Yes or NO?

  1. ajourneyintome says:

    In a perfect world we wouldn’t have to regulate guns. People should be free to own them BUT the bad apples spoil the bunch. No one should have to live in fear.
    If we spent time to figure out why people act out and fix it then there would be no need to control guns. Two people could grow up in the exact same conditiond and one would never harm a fly and the other goes on a killing spree. Why?
    I agree with a lot of the things you say, but the part about divorce causing issues isn’t one. You don’t want a single mom reading that and feel like she failed her kids because she couldn’t hold her family together. I grew up in abuse and can honestly say that if my dad had died or left life would have been a billion times better. I grew up in shit but would never hurt a soul so why is that?
    Nice post. ☺


    1. beastinsideublog says:

      Oh maybe I’ve judged it wrong. but I have seen many kids who have their parents divorced and these kids suck at everything. And they put a blame on their parents like “if I had my dad with me, I could do better”
      And generally speaking about the same environment and conditions, if they get the exact same caring and environment it is 99% true that their actions will be alike. Imagine two brothers going to a same school and same class(it means they get the Same environment), if one of them starts taking drugs it is pretty sure that the other one will try it for once at least.


      1. ajourneyintome says:

        Kids blame their parents for everything and within time a mature person realizes it’s their life and choices that led to where they ended up.

        I have to respectful disagree with the children. I don’t think Jeffrey Dahmer’s brother would agree either. My sister and I were raised in the same home, she was actually favored and she was the one who took drugs not me. I have three children of my own and they are all completely different. I believe God does that on purpose to make us learn to get along with others, very rarely will everyone be exactly the same.

        Thanks for the post and the interesting discussion.


      2. beastinsideublog says:

        Sir, like you said she was raised differently (as she was favored) it shows that environment really changes our actions and their outcome (she must had some stoner Friends at that time). And like you said you didn’t do drugs, which is a good thing! Most kids do this just to show that they are so cool as I mentioned in my post. We all are different, even twins who look alike. It’s us who get to decide what’s right and what’s wrong.
        You are a father of 3 kids so you know better than anyone else that you can’t treat your kids same all the time. You have to be strict if they do something stupid, you have to be nice if they do something good. It’s all a part of parenting. Kids who do drugs are a product of bad parenting and environment. Yessir it is true. I have a lot of facts to prove that these two things affect most of our actions either in good or bad way.


      3. ajourneyintome says:

        I agree it’s a good idea to treat a kid different if need be. I’m thinking a sad kid getting a little more attention, but overall they should be treated the same or else one might feel unloved. But I have to disagree about kids who do drugs. I had a friend who’s father was a pastor and she was wild. I also had a friend who’s mom and step-loser partied harder than a frat kid, and she was extremely mature and never acted that way.


      4. beastinsideublog says:

        Like I said it’s our decision what we do. We all the outcomes of our actions. When I was in college my friends used to smoke weed just to show that it was cool for them. But I always avoided it(I tried it a couple of times but then I didn’t do it anymore) I used to live with them like 24×7. It is us who take the final decision but our surroundings surely affect our power of decision taking.


      5. beastinsideublog says:

        Yes. This makes all of us different. Our decisions make us what and who we are right now. Environment around us is like a factor that pushes us to take the decision. Unfortunately most of the teens do not have brains to differentiate right and wrong. This is why I think “Teenage is the most crucial state of our life, it teaches us that world is not like how we think it is” (it’s my thought based on some assumptions and work.) Please correct me if I’m wrong


      6. ajourneyintome says:

        I agree with you for the most part, but brains have little to do with it. The environment we grow up in can jade us. It can make us see nothing but locked door or unlimited potential. Only the strong can see greatness when the world they live in doesn’t support it.


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