Looking for something? Hold on! It’s Right !nside You.

This site is based on what people like and what they really wanna talk about. There are other platforms where people share their thoughts but I didn’t find them really helpful as we are surrounded by assholes and some of them talk shit about what we think and what we do.

So this place to dedicated to all those people who really wanna see a change in themselves, because a wise person once said:

“You can sit behind and wonder why it happened, there are a lot of people to hear the tragedy OR just get your ass up, take a stand and do it until its fucking done”

Check out my posts to see if it helps you to get any better, I have done a lot of research and work on human psychology. If you feel your problem is not listed in it or there is something missing, just write it in comments to send me an email. I’ll try to upload the solution for that as soon as possible.

PS: If you ever feel like taking your life, I insist you to reschedule your plan and before that, talk to me first(I’ll try to change your mind). It’s free, I wont ask for a penny.

If you feel better or satisfied and want to make this site better, You can always donate. your help for the betterment of this site is much appreciated because I make no money from this site. Currently I accept PayPal transactions. Click on this LINK to make your contribution for the site. thank you

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